Christine Duncan presents the GaIA Family Charter

The Charter provides a guide to what families can expect from services with GaIA Healthcare Ltd.

Families will be actively included in a loved one’s treatment and they will have access to adequate and appropriate support services. The Charter is needed because families and individual family members affected by another’s substance use, drugs and/or alcohol, have the same right to advice and support as everyone else. However, it is widely acknowledged that they, in addition to the impact of substance use, face the additional barriers of shame and stigma to accessing this support. The overall aim of this Charter is to increase support to families affected by substance use through the empowerment of families to ensure their rights are recognised and respected.

The Charter aims to build on the GaIA Healthcare Ltd’s existing work and the growing recognition of not only the impact of substance use on families but the importance of their role in the recovery process. However, families have needs for services in their own right, not just to assist with achieving positive treatment outcomes for a loved one and where we can, we signpost to existing family support in addition to offering 1:1 sessions with GaIA clinicians and therapists.