Successful Grants (2012 – 2017)

A. Baldacchino
  • Functional and structural neuroimaging and neuropsychological consequences of chronic suboxone use. Indivior unrestricted educational grant 2016-2018 (£275,000)
  • Clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness: a 2 year prospective cohort study comparing methadone and Suboxone OST. Indivior 2015-2017 (£100,000)
  • Identifying and reducing Staphylococcal bacteraemia in substance misuse. NHS Fife R&D Bursary 2014-2017 (£20,000) and 2017-2018 (£20,000).
  • Genetic influences on the success of methadone substitution therapy- role of variants of the cytochrome P450 involved in methadone metabolism. A pilot study to support the Fife Genetics of Opioid Replacement Therapy (GoORT) Bioresource. NHS Fife R&D Bursary: 2014-2018 (£30,000)
  • Alcohol dependence and nalmefene use in Scotland. An ambispective and observational 24 month study utilising informatics to examine the clinical outcomes of an alcohol dependent population prescribed Selincro. Lundbeck unrestricted educational grant: 2014-2016 (£120,000).
  • Utilising a psychological autopsy techniques to drug deaths in Fife and Tayside. Fife, Dundee, Perth and Angus ADPs: 2006-2016 (£140,000).
  • Use and misuse of opioid prescribing across Scotland – rates, quality, variations and explanations. Chief Scientist Office (CSO): 2013-2015 (£145,055).
  • CAMILLE Project: Empowerment of children and adolescents of mentally ill parents through the training of professionals working with children and adolescents. EU funded project: European Commission: Daphne: 2013-2015 (70,000 Euros).
  • Neuropsychological consequences of chronic methadone use. NHS Fife R&D Bursary 2014-2015 (£17,000).
  • Clinician-patient interaction during addiction consultation and drug overdose risk (Clipid study). 2013-2015 (£15,000).
  • Maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy study: The first stage of a community health study in Fife. NHS Fife R&D Bursary: 2013-2014 (£15,000).
  • Using informatics to undertake a retrospective clinical audit of buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone®) and methadone-prescribed patients with opioid dependence in East Scotland. Reckitt-Benckiser unrestricted educational grant: 2013-2014 (£56,220).
  • Alcohol dependence and acamprosate adherence in Scotland. An retrospective and opportunistic study. Merk-Serono unrestricted educational grant: 2012-2013 (£73,470).
  • Substance Misuse Information Tayside (SUMIT) Project: Effective management of information to maximize the delivery of care treatment and recovery in drug and alcohol misusers. NHS Tayside and Dundee/Perth and Kinross/Angus ADPs pump priming grant: 2010-2014 (£300,000).
  • Overdose Risk InfOrmatioN (ORION) Project. European Commission: Justice, Freedom and Security: 2011-2013 (502,695 Euros).
  • Testing in Recreational-settings prevention-Interventions addressed to Polydrug users (TRIP) Project. European Commission: Justice, Freedom and Security: 2011-2013 (442,210 Euros).


C. Duncan
  • Scottish Families Affected by Alcohol and Drugs. Programme funding: 2012-2017 Scottish Government (£230,000 annually)
  • Bereaved by a Drug Related Death. Counselling programme covering Scotland. 2013-2017. Scottish Government and Robertson Trust. (£65,000 annually).
  • Family Inclusive Practice in Forth Valley. Service 2013-2017. Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership. (£65,000 annually).
  • Family Inclusive Practice in Dumfries and Galloway. Dumfries and Galloway Alcohol and Drug Partnership. Service 2014-2016. (£40,000 annually).
  • Family Inclusive Practice in Grampian. Service 2012-2017. Scottish Government. (£60,000 annually).
  • Telehealth Programme. Providing e health and learning to remote and rural clients in Scotland. 2012-2017. (£75,000 annually).
  • National Family Coordinator. Supporting development of Family Inclusive Practice across Scotland. 2011-2016. Tudor Trust. (£38,000 annually).


C. Kouimtsidis
  • A feasibility study of an intervention for structured preparation before detoxification in alcohol dependence: the SPADe trial. Funded by the Research for Patients Benefit programme of the NIHR, PB-PG-0815-20014, 2017-2020, £234,599. Chief Investigator. In collaboration with University of East Anglia, University Of Surrey, University of Sussex and Imperial College London.
  • Group Mindfulness Based Therapy for distressing persecutory delusions: A pilot study for a randomised controlled trial. Funded by the Research for Patients Benefit programme of the NIHR, PB-PG-1014-35002. 2016-2018, £151,857. Principal Investigator for sponsor. Chief Investigator: P. Chadwick, King’s College London.
  • A study exploring the process underlying a pre detoxification Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Group intervention for dependent alcohol users. Funded by Alcohol Education and Research Council. 2014-2015, £4,889. Chief Investigator. In collaboration with Kings College London.
  • A feasibility study of a psychological intervention to address alcohol misuse for people with mild to moderate learning disabilities living in the community (EBI-LD). Funded by the Research for Patients Benefit programme of the NIHR. 2013-2015, £199,019. Chief Investigator. In collaboration with University College London.