Published Reports (2012-2017)

A. Baldacchino
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  • EU Report: Establishing a training programme for professional caring for children with parents experiencing mental illness and addictions (CAMILLE Study) (2015)
  • NHS Fife Guidelines on the management of benzodiazepine misuse. NHS Fife (2014).
  • EU Report: Testing in Recreational-settings prevention-Interventions addressed to Polydrug-users (TRIP) Project (2013).
  • EU Report: Overdose Risk InfOrmatioN Project (ORION) Project (2013).
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  • EMCDDA Report: Non-fatal opioid overdoses: extent of the problem in Europe and critical assessment of known risk factors and circumstances, including factors that may lead to a fatal outcome (2012).


 C. Duncan
  • Scottish Drug Strategy Delivery Commission: Independent Expert Review of Opioid Replacement Therapies in Scotland (2012).
  • Promoting Family Recovery Across Scotland: Scottish Families sponsored government briefing paper (2012).
  • Exploring the impact and harms on families of those experiencing substance misuse: anxiety, depression and mental wellbeing. (2015)



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