Christine Duncan – Profile

After teaching both in the Middle East and Scotland, I decided on a career change as a result of my growing interest in working with families on a therapeutic level.  In 2002 I graduated from the University of Syracuse, New York with a Masters in Social Work underpinned by Family Systems Theory with an advanced elective in Community Organisation, Policy, Planning and Administration with administration applied to practice settings. In my clinical practice I trained in differential diagnosis and held a small private practice for several years working mostly with women victims of domestic abuse.

After graduation I was appointed Chief Executive of a Family Violence programme becoming a qualified Expert Witness in the New York State Court system on Child Abuse, Rape and Sexual Assault. I then went on to head a large human service organisation with 136 staff where I became a peer reviewer for other member organisations in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. I was also a member of a one month global Witness Visit to Palestine.

On my return to Scotland in 2011 I took up the post of Business Development Director of a California based drug and alcohol group and in 2012 was appointed Chief Executive of a nationally commissioned charity addressing the impact of Alcohol and Other Drugs on families and communities. In this post I contributed to, reviewed and developed drug and alcohol policy for the Scottish government (Quality Principles: Standard Expectations of Care and Support in Drug and Alcohol Services (2014), Opiate Replacement Review 2012), was a member of a working group for European Drug Quality Standards Commission and sat on national boards such as the National Forum on Drug Related Deaths and National Naloxone Advisory Group. I presented at  national and international conferences on Family Inclusive Practice, including an invitation by the Government of SW Australia to present in Adelaide.  In 2014 I developed the first ehealth platform for drug and alcohol services in Scotland.

In 2016 I purchased a 23 bed residential drug and alcohol rehab in Aberdeen where I developed the programming to better address behavioural health and issues of dual diagnosis. I am also a director of Community Interest Company offering a mid-point allegiance to both behavioural health professionals and those with a lived experience building recovery communities.

In my free time I like to garden, entertain and support women impacted by violence and am a member of the World Services Council for YWCA USA.